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Does Google use data from social sites in ranking? (…) We do use Twitter and Facebook links and ranking (…)

Finally, Matt Cutts confirmed a SEO suspect. Google uses Twitter and Facebook for SEO´s purpouses, even though this social media variable has not been enhanced yet.

This time Matt Cutts cannot deny the evidence…

It´s just the start of a new era but we can guess a future between SEO and SMO extremely linked. As anybody might already imagine, these two different ways to face marketing challenges share several search features which can determinate rank regular search results for users.

It´s still soon but your website will benefit by having highly reputation profiles on Twitter, Facebook and soon Gowalla, Foursquare, Linked In and other recognized social networks. So, remember a very useful rule: don´t be evil!

In the article What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?, from Search Engine Land website, you can find some relevant information regarding to this SEO and SMO issue as:

  • Social Search Ranking Isn’t Web Search Ranking
  • Web Page Authority Vs. Human Authority
  • PageRank, Meet SocialRank?
  • Who You Are On Twitter Counts
  • No Nofollow For The Twitter Firehose
  • Questions & Responses like retweeted articles, authority from tweets, tracked links

Also you can check this interesting article Twitter & Facebook links affect SEO on Google and Bing from Webseo Analytics. There is a nice comparition between Google and Bing SMO uses for SEO purpouses.

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