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The leap from traditional to online marketing is now solidified, not just among large global hotel chains but also among mid-sized firms like the Mallorcan chain, Garden Hotels. Over the past year, they’ve completely revamped not only their direct online sales platform but all of their promotional activities.

Reaching direct customers and earning a guest’s trust well before they even become one is crucial. Standing out amidst the daily bombardment of advertisements the average consumer faces, securing a spot in their mind, and convincing them not just to try but to return are among the many challenges brands face today, particularly in the tourism and hotel sectors.

The shifts in the market and the ways people now buy travel and book accommodations have created a new landscape where hoteliers can directly reach potential customers—bypassing intermediaries, who still hold considerable sway—and offer their services directly. The first advantage is clear: this approach saves on intermediary fees, allowing hotels to offer more competitive pricing without compromising on service or quality.

New and improved direct sales websites combined with a robust campaign of social media and email marketing actions are the winning combination for a fruitful direct sales strategy. The goal is threefold: increase bookings through the direct channel, strengthen branding, build a community and brand ambassadors, and cultivate customer loyalty.

Deals and promotions are now specifically designed for this new reservation avenue. In fact, most chains offer the best online rates available, surpassing third-party platforms. Travelers are gradually getting accustomed to this, just as they did with online ticket sales in the past. The growth curve is still long, but a clear shift in habits is evident.

Following the lead of larger hotel groups, medium and small-sized hotel firms are making colossal efforts to adapt and maximize this model’s benefits. One such firm is Mallorca-based Garden Hotels, with properties in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Almería, and Huelva. Some of their accommodations, particularly those catering to families or specifically targeting the couples’ segment looking for adults-only hotels—like Alcudia Garden Aparthotel, Garden Holiday Village, and Cala Millor Garden Hotel—are at the forefront of their marketing strategy revamp.

Their website has been completely overhauled, improving the ease of booking and payment, expanding offers, and increasingly segmenting them. Loyalty actions also focus on this segmentation and specialization of the audience each hotel targets, giving users and potential clients the best reasons to return.

Most significantly, Garden Hotels hasn’t just increased its investment in online marketing strategies; it has coupled this with a comprehensive renovation of its hotels, facilities, and even the concept of its accommodations, seeking new traveler niches to captivate.

For many other chains, this path should serve as a model to emulate. Starting from a modest position, they have positioned themselves among the most valued chains in the market, with accolades from users who ultimately make the business thrive.

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