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GBP Verification Breakthrough: How Email Verification is Helpful for Hotels

Is email verification making a return as a viable option for hotels on Google Business Profiles? While it appears to be in a testing phase, such a move could greatly benefit the hotel industry. Read more to understand the implications.

The process of verifying a Google Business Profile (GBP) is a critical step for hotels to ensure their presence on Google is authentic and trustworthy. However, recent discussions in Google forums and among hoteliers have highlighted the challenges associated with video verification, particularly for hotels under construction.

GBP email verification


Video Verification for GBP

Video verification is a method introduced by Google to authenticate the physical location of a business. It involves recording a video that showcases the business’s exterior, including the entrance, signage, and any brand logos or names displayed on the walls. Additionally, the verification process may require access to staff-only areas to further confirm the legitimacy of the business.

gbp Video verification

Verify your business with a video recording


The Challenge for Hotels Under Construction

For hotels still under construction, video verification poses a significant problem. With no operational staff present and the site filled with construction workers, there’s often no one available who can complete the verification process with a GBP account on their mobile device. Moreover, the lack of visible branding and completed interiors during the construction phase makes it impossible to meet Google’s video verification requirements.

Recent Changes and Complaints

The verification process has been a topic of discussion among hoteliers, with many expressing their concerns and complaints on various platforms. The introduction of email verification as an option has been seen as a positive development, especially for hotels planning to open bookings well in advance of their construction completion. This alternative allows for a smoother verification process without the need for a physical site review.

Keeping Up-to-Date with Verification Methods

It’s essential for hotel owners and managers to stay informed about the latest GBP verification methods and any changes to the process. As of now, Google has not announced any specific updates to the video verification process for hotels under construction. However, the availability of email verification will provide a viable solution for those facing challenges with video verification.

Why is Google Business Profile verification important for hotels?

Google Business Profile verification is crucial for hotels as it authenticates their presence on Google, ensuring that the information displayed is accurate and trustworthy. This verification process enhances visibility in search results, builds credibility with potential guests, and allows hotels to manage their online information effectively.


What makes video verification challenging for hotels under construction?

Video verification requires showcasing the hotel’s entrance, signage, and brand logos, as well as access to staff-only areas. For hotels under construction, the absence of visible branding, operational staff, and completed interiors makes it impossible to meet these requirements, posing a significant challenge.


Are there alternatives to video verification for hotels looking to verify their GBP?

Yes, Google offers email and telephone verification as alternatives to video verification. Email verification involves receiving a code via email, while telephone verification involves receiving a code via a phone call or text message. These alternatives can be particularly beneficial for hotels under construction, allowing them to bypass the challenges of video verification.


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