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25 Oct de 2009

Balearides, a coming tourism & leisure web about the Balearic Islands

Balearides is a coming tourism and leisure blog about the Balearic Islands. Coves, beaches, culture, spots, small secrets, local customs…

Balearides is a special project. It’s a destination community with a social networking approach with Balearic Islands as the object of discussion. Balearides is the place to find information on beaches and coves, culture, spots, special secrets, local customs… Basically everything you want to know and do in Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Balearides wants to offer you the best touristic and leisure information in Balearic Islands specially thought for those ready to travel and of course for locals looking for fun.

What we want is to create a network space where you can find useful information of Balears and, at the same time, we want all users in Balears have the chance to interact with one another and collaborate with this project by posting images, comments, videos and rates.

Balearides will bring you a million little and big things for you to do in the Balearic Islands. Still under construction. See you soon!

Balearides is a project shared by Contenido SEO and Embat Consultors, a company dedicated to accessible design and programming in Majorca.

If you want to know more about Balearides, do not hesitate to contact us.

29 Ago de 2009

Contenido SEO provides content for hotels and destinations

Beach hotels, business, urban, spa… Contenido SEO specializes on content for hotels, following the profile and needs of every hotel.

Contenido SEO’s solid professional relationship with big hotel chains, hotel associations and other top touristic companies allow Contenido SEO to specialize on the analysis, creation and content management of hotels.

Our location in Palma de Majorca, a spot dedicated to touristic services, allows us to get a first-hand look at the reality of the sector in order to offer services and contents specifically aimed to hotels in the area of online marketing.

The management performed by Contenido SEO for touristic and hotel businessmen can be easily adapted to your needs. This includes specific actions such as copy writings for hotels and an integral management of the edition and maintenance of web content.

Contenido SEO provides development of experiences in destinations and hotels. Image from Yuriy Brykaylo

Some of the online marketing service we provide to hotels and hotel chains are:

  • Analysis and study of keywords
  • Keyword density and content optimization
  • Internal and external linking optimization
  • Content writing for hotels and destinations
  • Development of content specific web applications
  • Development of experiences in destination and hotels
  • Content and destination CMS management
  • Translation services
  • Development, planning and web project management
  • Photographic services: creation, edition and image processing

Beach hotels, business hotels, spa hotels, urban hotels… Contenido SEO is specialized in generating content for hotels. Image form Jaime Brum