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23 Oct de 2009

A SEO translation service for your web and customers

Web positioning requires an active presence in many languages. Contenido SEO offers a SEO translations service. Sometimes it is not enough to communicate in one language only. Clients and users use different languages for which new adapting strategies will have to be created through a translation service, a message to cultural, linguistic, and communicative needs we have.

Breaking the language barrier represents a challenge to successfully run web projects with multi-lingual clients. Nevertheless, the linguistic challenge has unique benefits for those who can successfully develop a multi-lingual content management:

  • It opens the message for potential or existing client
  • Efficient communication
  • Company brand reinforcement

Web positioning requires an active presence in different languages. Image from Liang Xiong

For certain companies and sectors, such as hotels and tourism companies respectively, the need to communicate a message in different languages is essential. It is clear that it is very important to be present in various conversations regardless of web positioning in search engines.

For this, Contenido SEO offers a SEO translation service with the following characteristics:

  • Translations with a SEO approach
  • We adjust to the linguistic special features of every language
  • Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan. (Ask for other languages)
22 Sep de 2009

Free SEO service with Contenido SEO

Contenido SEO generates content for hotels and companies. In order to provide a better service to our clients we offer the tools to improve web positioning on search engines.

If you want more details on SEO for your website, Contenido SEO offers a free SEO service which will allow you to easily see the state of your website in the search engines.

Website importance is determined by the SEO it has. Photo: Maria Kuroshchepova

Please explain your case in the attached form. Contenido SEO will send you a report for your web at no cost whatsoever.

24 Ago de 2009

Contents, a critical element of your communicative strategy

Contents determine a company’s identity and goals on the web. It represents a critical element of your communicative strategy: what it is that we share with our users and clients.

Successful strategies on the net require unique, relevant, original and quality content. A web with good content fulfills two very important strategic goals: Search engines reward websites that generate them with more visibility and, on the other hand, contents represent the main loyalty factor when it comes to users and the websites they visit.

Contenido SEO helps you planning, developing and executing your content strategy on the net. We are a content writing agency located in Palma de Majorca and integrated by communication professionals who produce content for hotels, tourism and leisure companies in accordance with some principles:

  • Compliance with SEO requirements
  • Traffic Generation
  • Creative Approach
  • Client’s investment return

Contenido SEO helps you planning, developing and executing your content strategy on the net. Image, Robert Pasti

Each client requires a different communicative strategy to be developed. Some of the works in the content area that Contenido SEO provides its clients are:

  • Web content writing
  • Content optimization and keyword density
  • Copywriting service
  • Optimized articles, press releases, reports and travel guides.
  • Experiences development
  • Communication channel management
  • CMS and other management platforms
  • Contents determine a company’s identity and goals on the web. Image, Robert Pasti