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15 Dic de 2014

Looking for Norwegian, Korean and Japanese translators

Contenido SEO carries out the most important SEO actions that will result in an increase in search engine rankings for a hotel, paying special attention to content writing, web positioning and SEO translations.

Our aim

Our aim in this project is to find a professional translators for Norwegian, Japanese and Korean that are able to help us in our objective to internationalize our presence in these markets.

This includes the translation from English/Spanish and the eventual changes on contents that our clients can request, once they have reviewed their websites.

What do we need?

Copywriting & Translation are vital requirements in our business.

We want to create descriptive and relevant content for our Norwegian, Korean and Japanese users when they navigate through our hotels’ websites. The success of our business is directly related to the quality of our content writing.

Also, we need to create good content for search engines in order to improve our position and as a result, we have identified some keywords with which we want to optimize our content.

Here you have some examples of clients and our websites:

Also, here you have a list of usual contents to display on our websites:

  1. Web content for hotel rooms, offers, services, location, contact…
  2. Marketing claims
  3. Texts and tags for our booking engine
  4. Special contents for spa, MICE or weddings sections
  5. SEO tags with special formulas
  6. List of rooms and hotel services

Technical requirements

  1. Quality translations that guarantees accuracy and competency
  2. Commercial and SEO friendly translation process
  3. Native translators to handle each website with efficacy and ease
  4. Capability to meet deadlines



– Price quotation:

Price quotation for the requested service. Our preferred method is price per word. If your quotation is based by hours, please specify the amount of text you would be able to produce per hour. Currency EUR.


– Payment method:

Please indicate preferred and accepted payment methods. We generally work with a standard ‘invoice’ and bank transfer in EUR.


– Volume of text:

Please, fully inform us about the volume of text you would be able to deliver in the minimum period of time. For example, how much text will you be able to produce per week.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either in English, Spanish or Portuguese to the following email address:

Thak you very much for your time.

Kind regards.