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20 Feb de 2017

Customised hotels: the Sol Hotels formula

The tourism sector is all about customisation, specialisation and personalisation of services. It happens both in the airlines with the complementary offers but it is more noticeable in the hotels with the birth of original hotel concepts designed for each type of guest.

The hotel customisation is a clear fact that has been emerging for almost a decade. The first steps in this direction were timid but in recent years the escalation has been such that we can already speak of a phenomenon that has come to stay and that no one, big or small, can turn their backs on.

It is true that, as always happens in sectors as varied as the tourism, not all agents involved in it move at the same pace:

  • The user and their demands change due to the internet and new technologies,
  • OTAS and tour operators adapt flexibly by offering new services to their traditional travellers
  • The most important groups and hotel chains follow the quickly thanks to their large investment capacity
  • The more modest chains and small hotels try to save the furniture by making changes that gradually define better each type of hotel.

It is not easy. Customisation requires transformation and occasionally on a large scale, when hotels have traditionally leaned towards more defined accommodations linked to a specific type of traveler. Hotels for couples, for young people, for children, for families, for sportsmen, for executives … The classification is practically the same from one to the other, the change is that hotels are configured completely and not only with small details – to attend to a traveller who pays and demands, a traveler who no longer wants the usual holiday, who wants more.

A case study that already serves as an example on many round tables in this sector is the transformation of hotels for families from the Melià Hotel & Resorts Group that were marketed under the Sol Hotels line: a series of the Mallorcan companies’ establishments were taken from areas on the island where the tourists tended to be more mature and they were completely reformed, changing not only the style and decoration but the whole concept of experience offered to the traveller.

Sol Hotels & Resorts

Today, Sol Hotels is synonymous with innovation and exclusive vacations thanks to hotels that have changed our understanding of the traditional sun and beach holidays. Sol House, Sol Beach House, Sol Wave House and Sol Kathmandu Park & Resort awaken curiosity among travellers from all over the world. The first thing that strikes you is the complete revision of the style and design of the insides: themed rooms, spaces completely customised and inspired by the most current fashion, pop up areas that change every season according to trends and tastes, Facilities where technology takes center stage, areas dedicated entirely to experiences tailored to the type of guest to which each hotel is aimed towards …

The large artificial wave pool stands out, in which you can surf in front of the Sea of the Sol Wave House, the amusement park that is part of the resort in the Sol Kathmandu Park – considered to be one of the most revolutionary hotels for families with small children – and the Solo Adult experience that is offered by the Sol Beach House is select, fresh, relaxed and full of sophistication.

With its hotels always dedicated to a different type of traveller, Sol Hotels has managed to concentrate on mass tourism to travellers from all over the world who choose this destination practically just to live the experience of staying in these hotels.

And there’s the key: you do not have to customise by segmentation, it’s about turning your hotel into a fundamental attraction in that destination, one more experience. At the same time, the strategy is aimed not only at the foreigner but at the same time trying to reach out and captivate national and, of course, local tourism, so that hotels are active and participatory agents in the social and cultural life of the community in which they are part of.

Sol Hotels is also an example of this, with the sponsorship of one of the biggest musical events of the island: the Mallorca Live Festival, which is in its 2017 edition – the second already – They have the international group Placebo as a headliner.