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03 Nov de 2016

Looking for an English Copywriter & Translator in Majorca

Contenido SEO carries out the most important SEO actions that will result in an increase in search engine rankings for a hotel, paying special attention to content writing, web positioning and SEO translations.

Our aim

Our aim in this project is to find an English Copywriter & Translator who has to help us in our objective to generate useful content and translations for our clients.

This includes writing in English and the translation from Spanish to English.

What do we need?

Copywriting & Translation are vital requirements in our business.

We want to create descriptive and relevant content for our Brisith and American users when they navigate through our hotels’ websites. The success of our business is directly related to the quality of our content writing.

Also, we need to create good content for search engines in order to improve our position and as a result, we have identified some keywords with which we want to optimize our content.

Here you have some examples of clients and our websites:

Also, here you have a list of usual contents to display on our websites:

  1. Web content for hotel rooms, offers, services, location, contact…
  2. Long-form content projects such as blogs
  3. Marketing claims
  4. Special contents for spa, MICE or weddings sections
  5. SEO tags with special formulas
  6. Press releases
  7. … And anything you might reccommend us!

What requirements we are looking for?

This position requires a high level of creativity, passion for writing, and collaboration skills.

  • Passion for content. You have to love writing. This will be your main responsibility. We want you to write everyday!
  • Good writing skills, as well as the ability to adopt different styles while maintaining the highest quality standards
  • At least, some Spanish knowledge to translate from Spanish to English. You have to be a native English speaker but don´t worry with the español. We will help you!
  • Collaborate with your teammates, clients and Contenido SEO stakeholders
  • A creative mind to scale marketing strategies for our clients
  • Bonus skills: SEO, WordPress…

If you love writing in English and you live in Palma de Majorca, we want to meet you!

If you have any questions, please contact us in English or Spanish to the following email address:

We are waiting for you!

Contenido SEO team


10 Nov de 2009

Urban hotels in Palma at Visit Palma

The fascination Palma de Mallorca causes lies in its architectural attractions, streets and of course the charm of its urban hotels. The Cathedral, diversity among the neighborhoods, elegance in its modern buildings, the very elusive way of the most emblematic places, its connection to the see… Palma seduces as a very stately city in Majorca.

The Hotels Association in Palma de Mallorca brings together at over 40 urban hotels and invites you to discover Palma, its charm and everything hotels in Palma de Mallorca have to offer.

Exclusiveness, gastronomy, relaxation, golf, spots… Visit Palma hotels are the starting point of all the magic Palma de Mallorca offers. Photo: Hotel Armadams

Contenido SEO’s participation on Visit Palma is focused on the hotel content area. These are some of the goals achieved:

  • A SEO description focused on the profile and most unique characteristics of every hotel.
  • SEO translation services to Spanish, English and German.
  • Traffic generation to the website.
  • Hotel adaptability to the requirements of search engines positioning.
  • Exponentiation of the hotel’s value on a destination website.

Contenido SEO has contributed to generate quality content that allows to effectively communicate the characteristics and special attributes of every hotel of the Hotels Association in Palma de Mallorca.

15 Sep de 2009

Manage your corporate image with a web project

A correct management of a corporate image is essential in order to be able to communicate effectively. Contenido SEO conceives your project as a whole. A company’s presence on the web requires many efforts and resources. Not every hotel or company has the knowledge, time or resources to successfully face the many challenges required by the online communication of a hotel or company.

Web content, online communication, SEO, SEM, SMO, positioning on search engines, content for hotels, translations, programming, images, web design, blogs… all these names and acronyms can discourage use of all the possibilities the web generates.

Opening a communication channel on the net accurately expressing a corporate identity to users and clients is highly recommendable for any company. Managing a web project requires knowledge, professionalism and time so it can be correctly managed.

Contenido SEO has the necessary determination to launch and manage your project on the web. Contenido SEO offers the development of an integral online project including the tools and actions that better fit needs.

A correct management of a corporate image is essential in order to be able to communicate effectively. Contenido SEO conceives your project as a whole. Image from Ionut Dan Popescu

Contact Contenido SEO if you want to know what web project would better express your corporate image.

04 Sep de 2009

A SEO strategy is essential for search engines

A website’s relevance determines its SEO. First positions on search engines generate traffic that provide credibility and facilitate an investment return.

Being naturally positioned among the first positions on the result pages of search engines such as those of Google, Yahoo or BING constitutes one of the most ideal scenarios for a website.

Basically, SEO facilitates communicating a message effectively for the target public. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can only bring benefits if correctly used:

  • It generates quality traffic,
  • It labels the brand,
  • It is an investment with guaranteed returns,
  • It identifies a web towards a targeted public,
  • And it is cheap compared to other online marketing actions…

A SEO strategy is essential in order to be well positioned among search engines. Each client requires a specific plan that varies depending on the goals that are to be achieved.

A SEO strategy is essential in order to be well positioned among search engines. Image: allegretto

Contenido SEO gives you the tools to improve positioning in all search engines. We analyze, optimize, and manage all internal and external optimization factors for your website paying special attention to those aspects related to contents.

  • Analysis and study of keywords
  • Content writing and optimization
  • Keywords density improvements
  • Creation and optimization of titles, snippets and other tags

Contenido SEO also offers:

  • Analytics and web design
  • Server Analytics

Contenido SEO provides content writing and optimization. Foto: Joerg Beuge

29 Ago de 2009

Contenido SEO provides content for hotels and destinations

Beach hotels, business, urban, spa… Contenido SEO specializes on content for hotels, following the profile and needs of every hotel.

Contenido SEO’s solid professional relationship with big hotel chains, hotel associations and other top touristic companies allow Contenido SEO to specialize on the analysis, creation and content management of hotels.

Our location in Palma de Majorca, a spot dedicated to touristic services, allows us to get a first-hand look at the reality of the sector in order to offer services and contents specifically aimed to hotels in the area of online marketing.

The management performed by Contenido SEO for touristic and hotel businessmen can be easily adapted to your needs. This includes specific actions such as copy writings for hotels and an integral management of the edition and maintenance of web content.

Contenido SEO provides development of experiences in destinations and hotels. Image from Yuriy Brykaylo

Some of the online marketing service we provide to hotels and hotel chains are:

  • Analysis and study of keywords
  • Keyword density and content optimization
  • Internal and external linking optimization
  • Content writing for hotels and destinations
  • Development of content specific web applications
  • Development of experiences in destination and hotels
  • Content and destination CMS management
  • Translation services
  • Development, planning and web project management
  • Photographic services: creation, edition and image processing

Beach hotels, business hotels, spa hotels, urban hotels… Contenido SEO is specialized in generating content for hotels. Image form Jaime Brum