14 Dic de 2016
Catalonia Hotels or the personalized attention revolution
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Urban accommodation, with services orientated for travellers of the 21st century and attention without intermediaries.

From the exact moment of the online reservation, there will always be somebody ready to respond to your requirements, your doubts or your suggestions. This is because travelling today is much more than a destination, it is global experience. Catalonia Hotels were able to see this long before anybody else. Although all the actual hotel industry in Spain are looking to advance in these aspects -that are directly linked with how the guest relates with his accommodation- it is remarkable and should be noted, that there are companies taking a foothold in this area which, more often than we would like, is tricky and complicated.

How and with what aspects of the hotel is our client most satisfied, what is most highly appreciated and valued of the establishment, for what is he prepared to pay more, what are the services and attentions that are missing. All these issues are those that should always be asked and, now more than ever, they should be addressed and treated with the upmost care. Why? Because the reputation of a hotel is at stake and once lost is extremely difficult to recover.

Internet has opened spaces for users where they can speak and comment, recommend or criticize and, if one really takes notice, the numerous debates that start and the points that are notified are nearly always about the same things, cleanliness, maintenance and state of the installations. To look after these three pillars is to guarantee a flow of satisfied clients, a good online reputation, more loyalty and better word of mouth.  This converts into more and better reservations.

Catalonia Hotels, in all their hotels in the centre of Barcelona and Madrid, have worked on these aspects very cautiously. Listen to the client, calculate his necessities and anticipate the same, monitor those issues where the hotel has failed and adequately compensate the errors or incidences that took place. A modus operandi that not only has been applied within the chain but has also been introduced in Barcelona and Madrid together with the beach resorts offered in Punta Cana.

This work, that has taken place during the last few years, has permitted Catalonia Hotels to grow as a referred quality hotel company and position themselves as one of the newest Spanish hotel chains, intimate, direct and personal. Not only in the offline world but also in their facet of online service.

Individual online attention for each hotel

The process of improving the online attention that Catalonia Hotels were looking for required a very solid system but at the same time it needed to be flexible and diversified for each hotel. The chain chose us as their partners and with them we could implement an integration project for each hotel which, altogether, make up the current network of care and management online of the direct bookings of each establishment.

For their highlighted hotels, a specific web site was developed where each hotel was clearly defined, with its individual characteristics, the values and philosophy and its advantages with respect to their competitors.  Every hotel was treated as a unique project but without separating it from the rest, so that the attention that each hotel affords the guests is direct and personal and incorporates the values of the chain.  This is the way to avoid distances that may occur with the management of a reservation with a large hotel chain with more than 55 hotels in Spain, and also others in other first class touristic destinations.

The guest can enter directly the web of the chosen Catalonia hotel and effect the reservation with the team of that hotel, who can easily resolve any doubts and can offer a personalized service which then during the stay at the hotel develops into a truly personal service.

This closeness facilitates in a direct way, without intermediaries, the booking and everything that this involves, permitting that the guest feels welcome and at home from the first moment, or even before arriving at the hotel he can enjoy the experience.

In the same way, this allows a better follow up at the end of his stay and the incitation of the customer loyalty programme. Offers and special discounts based on the information about the user and his valuations, periodic communications and personalizations etc. Everything works especially if it contributes to improve relations between the user and the hotel.  This is what Catalonia Hotels has seen and used to their and their clients’ advantage.

Catalonia Hotels is a family chain with base in Barcelona – a city where they already offer more than 3,000 rooms – with their policy of intimacy and being treated like one of the family even in their most urban hotels.  Actually, the chain offers not only hotels in the centre of Barcelona – such as the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, the Catalonia Atenas and the Catalonia Sagrada Familia – but also in the centre of Madrid – such as the Catalonia Las Cortes – in Berlin, Brussels and including hotels in the Caribbean – such as the Catalonia Bavaro ResortAll the hotels can be reserved on the official hotel chain web site and some of them already have their own individual official web sites where reservations can be made with all guarantees.

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