18 Oct de 2012
A new era of buffet hotels
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More and more people are affected by food allergies or illness demanding strict diets. Even on holiday.  That’s why many buffet hotels in Spain are adapting their menus to their clients. Healthy food with quality products and ready-made dishes: sugar and gluten free ingredients and no bad fats or chemical pastry.

Hotels for families like Flinstones Hotels, by Sol Hotels offer special menus for children with healthy and funny dishes, making lunch time an exciting experience even for little eaters.

But children are not the only ones experiencing some troubles with food on holidays. Many people go on strict diets to controlling cholesterol or diabetes, requiring special and cared menus.

Senior hotels usually very much care for food questions, cooking healthy and adapted dishes appropriate for their age and needs. Their main goal is offering enjoyable and tasty holidays while they care for themselves.

Hotel Sol Palmeras, hotel with free buffet

Vegetarians have now a wide range of buffet hotels where to choose from: hotels for friends on holidays, family resorts, and hotels for couples generally offer specific dishes for them, without any meet or animal derivates like eggs or cheese.

Most buffet hotels offer custom and varied salads, combining ingredients that best suit to client’s regular diet.

Finally, most hotels also offer show cooking services with fine dishes inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, offering pasta, rice and fresh vegetables:  unique cooking experiences on holidays.

Buffet & show cooking hotels at Sol Hotels

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