21 Oct de 2012
Boutique hotels: a new trend
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Boutique hotels came into sight in the 80’s and since then, their formula has been spread in most urban destinations. Today, it’s a well-established touristic formula in Spain: they offer something more to travelers looking for comfortable and unique experiences.

These hotels are completely different from massive resorts. They are urban hotels, situated in main capitals and with little pax capacity: exclusive and cared spaces with personalized services.

In a boutique hotel, everything is turned to offer a unique experience to visitors, with high quality services: every tiny detail is necessary to offer unforgettable stays.

Boutique Hotels, a new trend

Spanish companies as Petit Palace High Tech Hoteles – leading this new boutique hotels conceptunderstand their hotels as a comprehensive part of the travel, being the hotel itself an independent attractive when choosing a destination.

Very often, these hotels are linked to local’s collective imagination. Take Petit Palace Arana Bilbao Hotel, Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel or Petit Palace Ópera Garden Hotel as examples: all of them are historical buildings and mythic buildings.

Boutique hotels offer a comfortable space where travelers can enjoy comfortable and sophisticated services near shopping areas, life night zones, museums, historical sites… The Petit Palace Bristol Valencia Hotel is definitely a good example, being on the most innovative hotels in Valencia, preserving tradition’s charm.

Petit Palace Bristol Hotel

To sum up, boutique hotels are private hotels with a dash of luxury and sophistication which make them different from traditional urban accommodations.

Yet they are heirs to good taste from New York city, London, Paris or San Francisco, intended for a refined public, for those whom want to enjoy their destination at anytime, both inside and outside the hotel.

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