10 Nov de 2009
Urban hotels in Palma at Visit Palma
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The fascination Palma de Mallorca causes lies in its architectural attractions, streets and of course the charm of its urban hotels. The Cathedral, diversity among the neighborhoods, elegance in its modern buildings, the very elusive way of the most emblematic places, its connection to the see… Palma seduces as a very stately city in Majorca.

The Hotels Association in Palma de Mallorca brings together at www.visit-palma.com over 40 urban hotels and invites you to discover Palma, its charm and everything hotels in Palma de Mallorca have to offer.

Exclusiveness, gastronomy, relaxation, golf, spots… Visit Palma hotels are the starting point of all the magic Palma de Mallorca offers. Photo: Hotel Armadams

Contenido SEO’s participation on Visit Palma is focused on the hotel content area. These are some of the goals achieved:

  • A SEO description focused on the profile and most unique characteristics of every hotel.
  • SEO translation services to Spanish, English and German.
  • Traffic generation to the website.
  • Hotel adaptability to the requirements of search engines positioning.
  • Exponentiation of the hotel’s value on a destination website.

Contenido SEO has contributed to generate quality content that allows to effectively communicate the characteristics and special attributes of every hotel of the Hotels Association in Palma de Mallorca.

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