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28 Oct de 2012

Discovering the very heart of the city

City breaks are becoming a comfortable way to travel and disconnecting from routine, as they offer affordable journeys and essential experiences.

Traditional needs have changed. The new tourist looks after shorter trips but much more intense: only 4 days on average to fully enjoy, pampering oneself with whims that wouldn’t be planned in longer vacations.

Living like locals, tasting their cuisine, going to their cinemas, drinking in their pubs, meeting people and their history, their jobs… A quick but comprehensive experience.

Urban hotels offer unique experiences, thematic accommodation, landmark hotels downtown with special services: travelers looking for a city break want a special hotel being part of the whole experience.

In Spain, this traveling model is getting stronger in main cities with an increasing accommodation demand, ready to satisfy authentic travels to the very heart of our cities.

Flamenco show in Seville

Barcelona has many examples of these design hotels, like the Petit Palace Ópera Garden Hotel, off Las Ramblas, next to the famous Boquería Market. In these hotels, nature comes along with the best technology and always preserving the Mediterranean spirit.

Bilbao, and its recently renewed Petit Palace Arana Bilbao Hotel, is another good example of modernity and tradition in Spanish hotels, specially appreciated for those willing to spend a cultural and gastronomic trip.

This same direction is followed by Petit Palace Bristol Valencia Hotel, a unique hotel at the very heart of Valencia. Travelers feel immediately captivated by its art, local celebrations, street life, shopping areas, traditional products…

Seville is also experienced on city breaks. Its warm weather and magnificent culture are a unique attraction. Here, hotels like the Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel offer a comfortable way to explore the city: free bike rental, free in-room wifi…

Today, city breaks have become irresistible experiences available to anyone wishing to take a deep breath.

Casa Mila from Gaudí, Barcelona

28 Oct de 2012

Discover the Caribbean: enjoy Cuba with children

Usually, when imagining the Caribbean, people use to think of a relaxing and romantic travel in an all-inclusive huge resort with beautiful sunsets on the sand. Or maybe funny holidays with friends, having mojitos at anytime. However, family trips are more and more usual traveling to Cuba with children, and have a different experience.

Cuba, also known as isla grande because of its big dimensions, is a perfect destination for those who want to discover a new culture as a family, meeting the magic of the sea, enjoying its beaches comfortably and its war and quiet waters, dancing with no worries and spending wonderful times with children.

Sol Palmeras Hotel in Cuba

Probably, your little ones have never seen such big beaches as Cayo Guillermo or the famous Cayo Coco… They will be delighted with its clean waters, swimming with color fishes, picking up beautiful shells…

Hotels for families in Cuba by Sol Hoteles offer top quality services for children and its families: activities, mini club, games at the beach, sports, excursions for the whole family…

Their main goal is striking a balance ensuring the best relax for parents in the Caribbean and exciting unforgettable adventures for the whole family.

Family Hotel Vacations with kids in Cuba

A wide range of services, including tiny details, make a difference when traveling with children: big spaces, direct attention, guides, All-inclusive,  day and night animation, comfortable apartments and rooms, continental cuisine and children menus, swimming pools, games zone…

Sol Hoteles, belonging to Melia Hotels International, has 7 hotels for families in Cuba:

21 Oct de 2012

Boutique hotels: a new trend

Boutique hotels came into sight in the 80’s and since then, their formula has been spread in most urban destinations. Today, it’s a well-established touristic formula in Spain: they offer something more to travelers looking for comfortable and unique experiences.

These hotels are completely different from massive resorts. They are urban hotels, situated in main capitals and with little pax capacity: exclusive and cared spaces with personalized services.

In a boutique hotel, everything is turned to offer a unique experience to visitors, with high quality services: every tiny detail is necessary to offer unforgettable stays.

Boutique Hotels, a new trend

Spanish companies as Petit Palace High Tech Hoteles – leading this new boutique hotels conceptunderstand their hotels as a comprehensive part of the travel, being the hotel itself an independent attractive when choosing a destination.

Very often, these hotels are linked to local’s collective imagination. Take Petit Palace Arana Bilbao Hotel, Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel or Petit Palace Ópera Garden Hotel as examples: all of them are historical buildings and mythic buildings.

Boutique hotels offer a comfortable space where travelers can enjoy comfortable and sophisticated services near shopping areas, life night zones, museums, historical sites… The Petit Palace Bristol Valencia Hotel is definitely a good example, being on the most innovative hotels in Valencia, preserving tradition’s charm.

Petit Palace Bristol Hotel

To sum up, boutique hotels are private hotels with a dash of luxury and sophistication which make them different from traditional urban accommodations.

Yet they are heirs to good taste from New York city, London, Paris or San Francisco, intended for a refined public, for those whom want to enjoy their destination at anytime, both inside and outside the hotel.

18 Oct de 2012

A new era of buffet hotels

More and more people are affected by food allergies or illness demanding strict diets. Even on holiday.  That’s why many buffet hotels in Spain are adapting their menus to their clients. Healthy food with quality products and ready-made dishes: sugar and gluten free ingredients and no bad fats or chemical pastry.

Hotels for families like Flinstones Hotels, by Sol Hotels offer special menus for children with healthy and funny dishes, making lunch time an exciting experience even for little eaters.

But children are not the only ones experiencing some troubles with food on holidays. Many people go on strict diets to controlling cholesterol or diabetes, requiring special and cared menus.

Senior hotels usually very much care for food questions, cooking healthy and adapted dishes appropriate for their age and needs. Their main goal is offering enjoyable and tasty holidays while they care for themselves.

Hotel Sol Palmeras, hotel with free buffet

Vegetarians have now a wide range of buffet hotels where to choose from: hotels for friends on holidays, family resorts, and hotels for couples generally offer specific dishes for them, without any meet or animal derivates like eggs or cheese.

Most buffet hotels offer custom and varied salads, combining ingredients that best suit to client’s regular diet.

Finally, most hotels also offer show cooking services with fine dishes inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, offering pasta, rice and fresh vegetables:  unique cooking experiences on holidays.

Buffet & show cooking hotels at Sol Hotels

15 Oct de 2012

Voyage au cœur de la ville

Les city breaks sont l’une des formules les plus confortables pour voyager et s’évader de la routine, puisqu’ils s’adaptent à tous les budgets. Dans tous les cas, il s’agit de chercher l’essence même de la destination en question, de voyager au cœur de la ville.

Ils répondent à différents besoins. Le nouveau touriste cherche des voyages plus courts mais en revanche, plus intenses : 4 jours seulement en moyenne qu’il faut profiter au maximum, concentrer la dépense et se donner des petits plaisirs qui n’auraient pas lieu dans un plus long voyage.

Vivre à la façon des locaux, goûter leur gastronomie, fréquenter leurs cinémas, boire dans leurs pubs, rencontrer des gens, connaître leur histoire, leurs vies… Une expérience express, mais extrêmement complète.

Ainsi, les hôtels urbains offrent une expérience singulière : hébergements thématiques, hôtels emblématiques en plein centre ville et des services spéciaux. La plupart de ceux qui cherchent un city break veulent un hôtel spécial, différent, qui soit lui aussi intégré dans cette expérience de voyage.

En Espagne, ce modèle de voyage prend de plus en plus d’élan. Les principales villes disposent déjà d’innombrables possibilités d’hébergement qui répondent à ces nouveaux besoins et qui proposent de vrais voyages au cœur des villes.

Ainsi, à Barcelone, on trouve de nombreux hôtels design, comme l’Hôtel Petit Palace Ópera Garden, situé à deux pas des Ramblas et du fameux marché de La Boquería. Ce genre d’établissement offre une bonne combinaison de nature et technologie, sans jamais perdre l’esprit de la Méditerranée.

Bilbao est aussi l’un des plus grands exemples de cette nouvelle formule de séjours très courts. L’Hôtel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao, par exemple, satisfait ce genre d’expedition à la vois culturelles et gastronomiques.

Gastronomie de Bilbao

Dans cette même lignée, l’Hôtel Petit Palace Bristol Valencia s’érige en plein cœur du quartier historique de Valence, et accueille les touristes curieux qui veulent découvrir la ville avec les 5 sens : art, fêtes populaires, rues animées, shopping et produits traditionnels…

Séville a elle aussi réussi à se faire une place dans les city breaks. Son climat exceptionnel et sa culture unique sont aussi de beaux atouts. Ici, des hôtels comme l’Hôtel Petit Palace Santa Cruz offent une façon extrêmement confortable de profiter de cette ambiance singulière : location de vélos sans frais, wifi gratuit dans les chambres…

Un city break est sans doute une expérience attrayante pour tous les budgets : la meilleure façon d’en finir avec la routine !