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18 May de 2018

Blau Hotels, family hotels in Majorca

The hotels belonging to the Blau Hotels chain in Majorca are centred around all different kinds of guests but if there is one concept the Majorca-born chain delivers spectacularly on, it is its family hotels. Blau Hotels offers families with children a full entertainment programme for all ages; adaptable rooms and suites; and privileged locations in beach destinations where the beaches boast shallow water and therefore ensure your children’s safety. These hotels also feature special facilities for your little ones like splash pools, in addition to cuisine for all tastes and preferences.

What makes these family hotels in Majorca, like that of the Blau Privilege PortoPetro Resort & Spa, successful, is their ability to turn their destinations into comfortable places offering endless entertainment options for kids and adults to help them achieve what they set out on their holiday to do: for children this means; enjoying themselves and being thoroughly entertained and, for adults; enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Blau Privilege Porto Petro

Games and activities; a spa and wellness centre for adults; bars and restaurants with kids’ menus; and attentive personnel who always know what the guests need, are only some of the reasons why thousands of people from all over Europe come to enjoy these family hotels in Majorca every summer.

More specifically, the Blau Privilege PortoPetro Beach Resort & Spa, Blau Colonia Sant Jordi and Blau Punta Reina Resort are the chain’s tailor-made choices of accommodation for families on the seafront. The first two boast exceptional locations on the seafront of the quietest and most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast of Majorca, whereas the third is very close to Es Trenc, the most well-known stretch of sand on the whole island.

All of these hotels offer exceptional services for families with children. These include: a kids club for all ages, sports courts, spacious areas and a splash pool. Plus, each one boasts an ideal location so your little ones can have lots of outdoor fun. These locations, by some of the island’s most well-known beaches, offer the following specialised services for families:

  • Blau Privilege PortoPetro Beach Resort & Spa, located between two gorgeous beaches, is perfect for unforgettable stays with your family. Here, your children will enjoy pools meant just for them, activities, games and their very own kids club. At the same time, parents will enjoy a 1,200 m² spa and wellness centre; 5 bars and restaurants; Balinese beds; a club house and a gym…
  • Blau Punta Reina Resort: this is for family beach days, sports, nature and cuisine… This 90,000 m² resort is located between the Cala Mandia and Cala Estany d’en Mas beaches and features a spa and wellness centre.
  • Blau Colonia Sant Jordi: this is ideal for those travelling with children who want to enjoy Es Trenc, the most remarkable beach in all of Majorca. The Blaudiland kids club offers a wide range of activities for each age group: Mini Club (from 2 to 4 years), Maxi Club (from 5 to 8 years), Super Mega Club (from 9 to 12 years) and Teen Club (from 13 to 16 years).

Colonia Sant Jordi

Blau Hotels is a chain for family holidays to Majorca. On an island that has such strong competition for family-focused products, do not settle for less.

19 Ene de 2017

Why it’s best to go all-inclusive

All Inclusive by IBEROSTAR

Let no-one be fooled: all-inclusive triumphs over other board basis’ in hotels because it is the best for money and comfort. This, in the last few years, has made it possible to add more advantages to all-inclusive; a great reason for holidaymakers to be able to book a cheap holiday to Spain; a country with many mature tourist destinations.

Mature tourist destinations like Mallorca, the Canary Islands, the Levante or Southern Spain know all too well that the most in-demand holidays are those with all-inclusive board basis primarily because it means a stress-free holiday. Best known over the years for offering stays of rest and relaxation without having to worry about even the most basic things, all-inclusive, far from disappearing as was feared a few years ago, is now back on top, bigger and better than ever.  And with all the advantages it has to offer, no wonder it’s so popular in Spain and other holiday locations.

You’ll see few remaining all-inclusive hotels in the 21st century built during the 50’s when there was a boom in the tourism industry making Spain the front runner of Europe as a holiday destination. Although you’ll still find all-inclusive hotels from this era, the ones at present continue to develop the two biggest advantages of going all-inclusive (comfort and competitive prices) as well as adding new values like more exclusive services to better accommodate the public’s specific needs, all whilst not excluding mass tourism.

All-inclusive allows you to pay for your holiday when you book it, choosing the most luxurious rooms at the best prices, with more varied services and access to most facilities in the hotel. Away from all-inclusive, the more innovative areas or those that offer different types of facilities like spa and hydrotherapy centres in their own or sister hotel, gourmet restaurants, terraces with chill out zones accompanied with drinks and cocktails will be charged as extras.

All inclusive hotels

However, the new All-Inclusive Plus and Premium packages include the best selective services with certain limited uses offering guests the option to try before they buy and if they enjoy themselves, they can easily pay the additional cost. One of the best benefits is the day-to-day gastronomy: the best quality, as much in their distinguished restaurants as in their buffets; drinks; desserts; snacks;

Also you can now book suites when you choose all-inclusive, opting for a luxury experience and not having to worry, knowing that everything has already been paid for back home and all that’s needed is for you to go to the hotel and enjoy yourself without worrying about any outstanding payments.

This wide variety is why all-inclusive is the most sought out board basis, especially for those travelling as a family as they are the ones who are in most need of full and versatiles packages so that every member of family, from the children to the grandparents can take maximum advantage of their holiday, from the hotel to its surroundings.

It’s less common for couples who go on city breaks to opt for all-inclusive as these types of trips are normally more for spending time outside of the hotel and so they would not benefit from lunch and dinner included. Certainly, there are times when breakfast included in the cost of the accommodation is reason to book instead of those not offering this option but it’s also more flexible and less complete than all-inclusive, meaning that, in the end, your spending will be all over the place.

All-inclusive has never received such luxury status as it has now, for some hotels. This is because some all-inclusive hotels, like IBEROSTAR Anthelia (south of Tenerife) are an authentic paradise for serenity and fulfilment. Other more modest hotels of the same chain (and one of the main ones in Spain that first established this form of all-inclusive) are, for example, that of Fuerteventura Palace, in Playa Jandía,. With the whole hotel being an all-inclusive hotel in Fuerteventura, all of its zones are designed for you to enjoy a truly relaxing high-quality experience at the price of a 4-star hotel.

The south of Tenerife is where you’ll find all-inclusive of the highest quality. All-inclusive hotels in Costa Adeje are a unique sample of variety and attention, making this part of the island a real sun and beach paradise. Apart from the climate allowing them to remain open all year round, they are making fast improvements to the care taken to their product and its facilities, as well as making every experience personal to their guest.

Mallorca is another example that we can’t forget to mention when it comes to all-inclusive holidays. Although the island has always been tied to mass tourism of a certain quality, this declined slightly over the past few years but now  has come back bigger and better than ever, offering state-of-the-art fully-facilitated hotels and better experiences in and out of the hotel. Some interesting examples can be seen in the north of Mallorca, in the hotel zone of Playa de Muro or in the all-inclusive hotels in Cala Ratjada, where, other than the enjoying the facilities of the hotel, you can also appreciate a charming fishing village full of tradition and life.

20 Sep de 2016

The specialization of hotel services in the XXI century

Hotel Industry

To meet the needs of increasingly demanding and experienced guests, the hotel sector in Spain and practically worldwide, has invested much time and effort on refining the specialization of their services.

The challenge of every hotel that wants to survive today in the era of the so-called Information Society, the Internet generation, tablets, smartphones and the global view is always in your face-from caution and knowledge- comes a system of searching and booking which is very different from only a couple of decades ago. Faced with this new reality, the only (or rather, the most prudent) for the hotel is to analyze their guests, know what they are looking for, know what they want and … give it to them. Always doing better than its most direct competition.

Notably In the Spanish tourism sector, though it is possible in many other tourist areas in Europe, they have taken this obligation seriously and made changes and implemented investments which have not been done anywhere else. This has placed us, once more, as happened previously in the 60s- as the leader of the pack, and as top dog our mission is to bring our tourism to the pinnacle.

They say hunger strikes sharpens the wit and, in this case, the Spanish hoteliers have seen the economic crisis as an opportunity. Although most have continued to divert money to other parts of the world where they have been developing projects in tourism for years (Caribbean, Tunisia, Istanbul…) they have worked more with the local product. Military conflicts and terrorist threats to some of these areas of new investment have also contributed to the hotelier focusing on improving on what we have at home.

From this strategy have arisen projects which are a subject for study in the main Spanish schools of tourism. The case of  Melià in Calvia  and Magaluf  and the case of the Fiesta group  with its Ushuala and its Ibiza Rocks. What is the secret and the common point of these projects which seem so different? It is specialization: it is to be much more than a hotel. It is the complete travel experience. It is the main point of the vacation with the consequence that the destination takes second place.

It is a sure bet that not everyone will do as well but everyone must work to the best of their possibilities according to the reality of what their market has to offer. For example, a golf hotel in Chiclana like the IBEROSTAR Royal Andalus or a golf hotel in Isla Canela like IBEROSTAR Isla Canela. Beach holidays wouldn’t have existed today if they had not moved forward, that need to cater for new requirements, to even create them. They are, in these two specific cases, hotels that were previously thought of as places for beach holidays, but not any longer. In the past they were very broad in what they offered, basic services designed to meet the expectations of a very mixed public and with many very different tastes. Now, both hotels have a clear but very familiar character for the adults in the family, golf lovers, outdoor sports lovers, wellbeing and relaxation fans and all in natural surroundings and with a high level of care.

The changes, however, have not affected everyone to the same extent, not all hotels have to completely change their decor, facilities or accommodation types. It is enough to make small changes in the overall portfolio of services to reach travelers who would never have dreamed of it. It happens for example with some hotels with Jacuzzis in Tenerife, that by just adding this type of bath or this feature in one of its most exclusive rooms or in public areas, this offering better equipped wellbeing spaces, hotels have managed to monopolize the searches of a lot of potential clients who are interested in competitively priced hotels with very exclusive services.

Luxury and functionality combine creating hotels that you choose not for for their star rating, but for the services they offer. Have you got Wi-Fi? Have you got a spa? All the better! Is there a golf course nearby and are green fees offered at discounted prices? Excellent. This translates, of course, in being the choice for discerning travelers who are willing to pay more, to spend more in less time.

In this way, some resorts and hotels in Spain –as much in urban areas as beach resorts, have started to reduce the number of rooms in favor of making better common areas available to the guests, new services and suites . And that’s the key: listen to what they want, work out what must be done to make it available (not only investment but also concessions) and offer everything they possibly can. Welcome to the twenty-first century hotels.

19 Nov de 2014

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador, a hotel for weddings in paradise

Getting married in the Ocean Atlantic – rather than waiting until the honeymoon to enjoy the sun and wonderful beaches – is an option that more and more couples are choosing. IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador has put together a range of special wedding packages, suitable for all budgets and which will make organising your big day a breeze.

This wedding hotel in Costa Adeje is one of hotel group IBEROSTAR’s star establishments in the Tenerife. It’s a luxury hotel, right next to Playa del Duque beach, and it offers a special all-inclusive service for weddings.

Its comprehensive wedding service is designed to offer all the facilities needed for everything to turn out perfectly – accommodation with special discounts for guests, a wedding ceremony on the beach, dining rooms with personalised decoration… Whatever you might need.

05 Nov de 2012

Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino

Qui n’a pas rêvé de quitter la ville et le stress pour s’enivrer sur une plage de rêve? La République Dominicaine est sans doute une destination parfaite où combler ces désirs de détente, mais découvrir les Caraïbes aujourd’hui c’est bien plus que se baigner dans des eaux turquoise. La magie de Saint Domingue est palpable dans les ruelles de la capitale, marchés et places bouillonnantes : la vraie essence du Nouveau Monde…

La compagnie Fiesta Hotel Group vous présente des séjours différents dans un cadre unique et sophistiqué en plein cœur de Saint Domingue: le Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino.  La situation stratégique de cet hôtel à Saint Domingue, à deux pas du quartier colonial, vous permet de visiter confortablement les endroits typiques de la ville, ses coins secrets et profiter de son ambiance vivante, toujours à deux pas de la mer.

Spa & wellness, Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino

Cet hôtel urbain en République Dominicaine est un vrai havre de paix et de détente dans un cadre innovant et élégant, où vous pourrez vous régaler aussi bien lors de vos voyages d’affaires qu’en famille. Cet hôtel spa à Saint Domingue est un établissement moderne et exclusif : vues magnifiques, piscine semi-olympique, gymnase, bar lounge et le plus grand centre de conventions de la République Dominicaine.

L’intérieur du Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino vous propose des chambres d’hôtel à Saint Domingue élégantes et extrêmement confortables ainsi que des services personnalisés pour vous régaler en douceur : réception 24/24, cocktails, aménités de luxe, service en chambre 24/24, blanchissage… Que du bonheur!

L’excellence des atouts de cet hôtel de luxe en République Dominicaine, avec une ambiance agréable et un casino unique, fait que de nombreux clients distingués choisissent de passer ici des séjours inoubliables. C’est le cas des joueurs des plus grandes équipes de football américain de la ligue états-unienne (la NFL) qui savent sans doute apprécier la qualité des restaurants à Saint Domingue de notre hôtel.

Weddings, Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino