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13 Jun de 2017

Where will the new concepts of family resorts take us?

More entertainment, rooms adapted to the needs of those travelling with children, chill out areas reserved for adults only, children’s parks, game rooms and mini clubs with specialised programmes. The concept of family holidays is changing at a frantic pace in the most recognised zones for mature tourism. Majorca is an example of this, and Gran Isla, a family hotel chain thriving in excellence, is here to show us how.

Travelling with children is always a mission and now less and less families are able to relax in a stunning destination because of the fact they are travelling with kids. It is true that holidays with children are a bit more complicated to organise but the hotel industry has made sure they help as much as possible on their part so that, babies, infants and even teens can enjoy themselves without it becoming costly on your part.  

To show how family-orientated hotel chains are changing, Gran Isla Hotels, has a long standing mark on Majorca, with its hotels being classics on an island such as this. They have always boasted privileged locations but they were less in demand for a long time. Because of this, they decided to make big and extensive changes and turn themselves into what can be seen today. Specialised hotels, some of which have been redesigned into very specific and fun themes for the little ones, without leaving out the adults.

Pirates Village Hotel

It’s crown jewel, in this regard, is Pirates Village Apartments. This is a new hotel complex, designed with very clear guidelines and the objective of winning over guests who want to combine a relaxing stay with fun and adventure for the kids. Because of this, these apartments-famous for being inspired by the world of pirates- are here and ready to conquer. The complex is found in one of the most privileged locations on the island, in Santa Ponsa, on the west coast of Majorca. Everything in this establishment is related to the world of pirates and pirate ships; from the menus to the water games in the pools, the decor in the mini club, the workshops and the activities. They also offer comfort in all their services within the hotel with the space and privacy of an apartment complex in Majorca, a short distance away from one of the most symbolic beaches on the island.

However, we don’t have to go too far to change the traditional concept of family hotels. Plazamar Serenity resort, another hotel in the Gran Isla hotel chain, on the coast of Calvia, still maintains many qualities of traditional beach hotels, however, thanks to the incorporation of certain elements as well as specialised facilities and details, it has become a place to stay with children. It offers multiple rooms and spaces designed for the little ones so they can play safely within the environment of its apartment complex. Pools with slides and water attractions, a large and varied entertainment programme for every day of your holiday, themed parties and all kinds of events centred around fun for all the family. This brings a lot of repeat customers as well as new ones who remain faithful to the chain following their first visit.

In contrast, the chain has also added an adults-only hotel in Alcudia, where the main clients are 16 years old and over and where the services are focused on sport, health, well-being, gastronomy and leisure for groups of friends or couples wishing to have an enjoyable stay. This is Hotel Piscis Alcudia, located only a few metres from the spectacular Alcudia beach.

Key elements of the new concept for family accommodation

  • Rooms.- More space with better, more enjoyable and practical furniture to suit all the family. Some hotels also decorate their rooms in a particular theme to make them more family-orientated with children’s details.
  • Mini clubs.- Growing, improving and multiplying. Many offer different ones for different ages, adapting the activities to the needs of the children according to their ages. Opening times have also become longer and more flexible.
  • Pools. Becoming more and more like small water parks with slides, circuits, dummies and zip lines… There’s no limit to what can be done. Many incorporate splash pools for babies with lifeguards trained especially to supervise these new water zones.  
  • Adult-only zones.- Because parents also deserve time to chill out and relax. Spa, massage cabin, Jacuzzis, chill out… These reserved zones have been designed so that adults can take advantage of the time their children spend time in the mini club and taking part in activities, to relax.
  • Gastronomy for everyone. Children’s menus have been created so there’s no drama at mealtimes, and instead, they are fun and entertaining. Combining nutritional, healthy, low-fat and traditional dishes with original elements in order to keep your little ones smiling. Some even offer a children’s own dining area with monitors assigned to them to teach them to enjoy their food.
12 Abr de 2017

The gastronomic ‘boom’ in the hotel industry and its secret ingredients

In the last few years we have seen an incredible resurgence in gastronomy. on TV, in the press and with the opening of restaurants of different signature cuisines and cookery classrooms throughout Spain. It’s true that humans are somewhat driven by their stomach. What you don’t see is that behind all this enthusiasm for the kitchen, there are huge marketing efforts.

Masterchef, Topchef, Chefs a table… The list of television programmes that have given cooking mas appeal is neverending. However beyond television and the big screen exists many ideas, focused on real cooking and bringing culinary excellence to the public. These tv shows have opened up a new and exciting world for those cooking enthusiasts.

Today in this article, we want to discuss gastronomy and in particular the marketing of gastronomy in the tourism sector. How do you make catering within hotels a selling point – but still focus on the accommodation? By taking advantage of the recent popularity of cooking and by turning their kitchens into authentic classrooms for gourmet cooking.

Gastronomia del Aula de Cocina del Mencey

One of the clearest examples of this concept and marketing that has worked well is the Mencey’s Cooking Classroom. Part of the 5-star IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey. This culinary corner is a result of the use of the hotel’s chefs and it’s restaurant facilities – such as the Los Laureles restaurant or the innovative Papa Negra restaurant – to create an attractive and different experience for the guests: a place to relax and do things that your normal working day doesn’t allow you to do.

The Mencey Cookery Classroom is based around a full range of cooking courses in Tenerife that are a great way of understanding the concept of a gastronomic hotel. Not only can you eat incredibly well here but you can participate in the whole process, if you wish and learn the how to cook the traditional dishes from the Canary islands as a souvenir.

The connection with the local society has been essential in the marketing aspect: to seek the complicity of the locals, the suppliers, the producers and the gastronomic enthusiasts themselves in Tenerife who selected La Cocina del Mencey as an example of culinary excellence. Hence the celebration of regional, national and international gastronomy in its facilities and the great promotion of cuisine from Tenerife associated with its name.

The hotel has become one more attraction of this destination. Who would not want to learn how to cook and enjoy the best of Canarian cuisine during their stay in Tenerife and what better place than the Grand Mencey? The marketing work has been a success, today the fame of the kitchen classroom and its restaurants has reached far and wide and the demand is very high throughout the year. In addition to this idea, small projects like afternoon sessions are organised with cocktails on the terrace of the hotel, where they offer the most select gins and the most exquisite sushi, accompanied by music and a lively atmosphere. Is this just a fad or are there no limits for the success. At the Grand Mencey the possibilities can go as far as the imagination allows us.